What affects the hit video YouTube

If you are a novice it works, just remember that YouTube is not quick result. Maintaining a YouTube channel is the activity for the future, even with attachments, the development of the channel may takes 6 months or a year, and the number of videos should be at least one hundred, to fully monitor trends and user activity. To accelerate the development of YouTube channel, you can seek the assistance of the service https://top4smm.com where for a fee you can enjoy views on YouTube with a guarantee. Views with a guarantee – it scans your video from live users for at least 10 minutes, that is, it will give a signal to the algorithms of YouTube that users do not immediately close your video, but delayed, so the video is of interest.

You pay attention to algorithms YouTube ranking videos

The videos that fall in the TOP of YouTube, you start to get your own live auditions and find the video in the recommendations and in the first places in the search brings the payback of time spent on content creation.

YouTube has developed its own tools ranking videos, know all about these algorithms, but few understand how to properly deal with them.

Comments. The presence of a large number of comments from users suggests that the movie resonates with users, people like or dislike your content, and they actively share their opinions.

The duration of the video. Experts say that the longer a YouTube video promoting up more willingly than the short.

Views. As before, and now YouTube algorithms remain unchanged – priority is given to videos that are gaining a lot of views, but now is additionally considered a combination of the number of views, viewing time and number of comments.

The number of subscribers. The overall assessment of the quality of the content affects the increase in the number of subscribers of the channel.

The level of «like-dislike». The platform was very favourable to videos that stimulate viewers or behavioral factor, and likes and dislikes and that is the signal for such activity.